If you are considering limo hire in Perth for a special occasion, here is a simple FAQ guide with great tips on what you should expect in terms of policies and costs when renting limousines. Your special occasion could be anything from a wedding to arriving into the city in style. Other reasons why people require limo services include when they do not need to worry about driving or transportation from and to the airport.

How much will it cost to rent a limousine at the airport?

The cost will vary depending on the city and the type of vehicle you require. A Sedan airport service costs the same as that of the taxi, which is, most often, unpredictable while offering lesser service standards. If travelling as part of multiple parties, the limousine airport service is a viable alternative where you may split up the cost amongst the party. Stretch limo services costs depend on:

Size of vehicle

Size of the party



What are the sizes available?

Typically, you have 6 types of limousines to choose from:

Luxury Sedans are usually Cadillacs or Lincoln Town Cars

Stretch sedans offer additional features and more legroom

The 6-passenger stretch limos

8-passenger limousines

10-passenger limos

12 to 18 passengers stretch Specialty Vehicles (SUV’s) and super stretch limos


How much will it cost?

Most limo hire in Melbourne firms have a 2 to 3 hours booking minimum (apart from typical airport services). Renting a limousine is the same as renting a hotel room. A wide variety of services and quality levels available determine how much you are likely to pay.

What is in the limo service?

It is crucial that you find out whether the firm has an “all-inclusive price” as you reserve a limousine. Regrettably, a few unscrupulous companies will try to sneak in charges such as non-existing tolls, travel times, waiting time, beverages, fuel surcharges, highway taxes and other significant charges into your final bill.


However, such cases are rare, but it is a good idea to get the all-inclusive price that includes the total fare. The total fare is especially crucial if you are renting a limo for third parties like your kids celebrating homecoming or prom, or a wedding couple.

Do you have to tip a driver, if so, how much?

Like a bartender or waiter, your limo driver works in the service industry, but with a more responsible role to play. The standard rate for a tip is about 20% of the fare total. If the driver has treated you extremely well, you can tip more. Most Melbourne limo companies include a tip (gratuity) in the total price quoted. As you make the reservations, find out if gratuity is part of the price total.


To have an amazing experience riding on a limo, you need to understand the factors that will affect the rates. You also need to gather as much information about the limo service before you sign on the dotted line. When everything checks out, have fun.